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    Analytics and Vanilla Forums: Part 2

    by  • Last modified:October 1, 2015 • Google Analytics • 0 Comments

    In an earlier article, we explained how to add some code to get custom variables from your Vanilla Forums, into Google or Piwik Analytics. The only downside, is with that solution you would not be able to add custom variables for mobile users. The following is a work around, using a hidden/undocumented feature, using...

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    Vanilla Forums: Category Analytics

    by  • Last modified:October 8, 2013 • Google Analytics • 2 Comments

    Initial Setup Whenever you are working with any CMS, Forum or any type of software, I personally always want to have control over the analytics. Rather than using an analytics plugin, I prefer to add code via the theme or by custom code. Thankfully, Vanilla Forums makes it super easy. In Vanilla Forums, (self-hosted...

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    Piwik Custom Variables for Your Projects

    by  • Last modified:March 1, 2013 • Piwik • 9 Comments

    As I believe in helping you with your projects, and as I have built custom variables for use for Piwik within various software, I will post the working code here with a simple explanation. If you need to know the basics of Piwik custom variables, check out our post Custom Variables in Piwik or the...

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    Piwik in Vanilla Forums [Plugin]

    by  • Last modified:June 28, 2012 • Piwik, Plugin • 0 Comments

    Vanilla Forums is the best open-source forum. Why? Because Vanilla Forums is simple. It’s easy to build on, quick to get up and running with and very robust. I’m not alone in this view. Over 500k sites use Vanilla Forums. As you know, I am a big fan of Piwik, the open source analytics....

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