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    An Extra Data Point in Piwik Custom Variables

    by  • Last modified:March 10, 2013 • Piwik • 0 Comments

    Sometimes when you are working with Piwik Custom Variables, you need an extra slot for data. Below is some quick code to add an extra value to your custom variables: In this scenario, $variable1 and $variable2 are whatever you want. It could be a variable for a topic and a landing page. It could...

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    Tracking Mail-To Clicks with Piwik Analytics

    by  • Last modified:February 19, 2013 • Piwik • 1 Comment

    Custom Variables to Record Actions Custom Variables as we have learnt are very flexible. I wanted to share another cool way you could use events: to track an action taken on your website. In this case, we are going to learn below how to use Custom Variables to track clicks for a Mailto link....

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    Piwik Custom Variables for Your Projects

    by  • Last modified:March 1, 2013 • Piwik • 9 Comments

    As I believe in helping you with your projects, and as I have built custom variables for use for Piwik within various software, I will post the working code here with a simple explanation. If you need to know the basics of Piwik custom variables, check out our post Custom Variables in Piwik or the...

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    Custom Variables in Piwik

    by  • Last modified:March 2, 2013 • Piwik • 2 Comments

    The custom variable is what makes the difference between a simple program that collects visits and one that can rightly call themself an analytics package. The best thing about custom variables is the flexibility and the amazingly cool ways in which you can track users to add flavor to your stats. In short, there...

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    Custom Variables in Google Analytics

    by  • Last modified:September 18, 2014 • Google Analytics • 20 Comments

    *****The following applies to classic Google Analytics***** One of the great features of Google Analytics is the ability to segment users. You can segment by any possible metric that Google Analytics captures, from type of traffic (direct or referral) and if you have e-commerce enabled, visits with transactions. Also hidden within Google Analytics, is...

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