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    Concrete5 and Google Analytics Experiments

    by  • Last modified:December 6, 2012 • Google Analytics • 3 Comments

    Concrete5 CMS and Google Analytics Concrete5 is one of my preferred CMS platforms to create websites. The flexibility to create pages and include Analytics calls is something any stats-minded individual can really appreciate. What makes Concrete5 also an awesome platform is the ease you can apply a great ( and little talked about) feature...

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    Concrete5: Member Tracking with Piwik Analytics

    by  • Last modified:September 23, 2012 • Piwik • 2 Comments

    When you want to track your users in Concrete5, you might run into an issue where you do not want to include loggedin users in your tracking stats. To get things working the way you want open your element folder in your theme (header.php or footer.php file depending on the analytics), and add the...

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    Concrete5 and Piwik

    by  • Last modified:June 28, 2012 • Piwik, Plugin • 5 Comments

    Concrete 5 is one of the best CMS platforms to build a site. Lots of great things are built into Concrete5, including an area for Tracking Codes ( you can find it under System & Settings>SEO & Statistics>Tracking Codes).  Nevertheless, if you want to really to get the most from your Piwik install, you really...

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