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    Google Analytics and Referral Spam

    by  • Last modified:January 30, 2016 • Google Analytics • 0 Comments

      Ever notice weird websites in your referral reports for Google Analytics. And what I mean by weird, sites that have no business being there. Here is an example: These were sites not actually linking to my site. These are what called “referral spam“. As much as you will try, you will not find...

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    Social Tracking with WordPress Jetpack & Google Analytics

    by  • Last modified:October 6, 2015 • Google Analytics • 6 Comments

    In Google Analytics, while event tracking measures general user-interactions very well, “Social Analytics” provides a consistent framework for recording social interactions. Essentially, this method allows you to add social interactions to the “Social Plugin” section of Google Analytics reports. I was recently working on a WordPress project and was trying to get this to...

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    Command ignored. Unknown target: undefined.

    by  • Last modified:October 3, 2015 • Google Analytics • 0 Comments

    Recently I was playing with Google Tag Manager. I also had some existing custom events and other javascript which I placed into a HTML Tag. While using Google Analytics debugging tool, though, I got the following console error: Command ignored. Unknown target: undefined. Thankfully I found this post. The issue seems to be that...

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    Analytics and Vanilla Forums: Part 2

    by  • Last modified:October 1, 2015 • Google Analytics • 0 Comments

    In an earlier article, we explained how to add some code to get custom variables from your Vanilla Forums, into Google or Piwik Analytics. The only downside, is with that solution you would not be able to add custom variables for mobile users. The following is a work around, using a hidden/undocumented feature, using...

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